Infographic: Top Trends in Life Insurance 2021

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This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the life insurance sector shaped by the innovative means life insurers are exploring to be successful amidst the evolving business landscape.

A combination of factors, including demographic changes, evolving consumer preferences, and desire to become operationally efficient were already spurring change in the life insurance industry. Enter 2020 – the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the industry.

At the peak of disruption, the focus was on ensuring business continuity, but new initiatives are cropping up to tackle the challenges as the industry adapts to the new normal.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst, pushing life insurers to prioritize their efforts on improving customer centricity, developing go-to-market agility, making processes intelligent, building business resilience, and embracing the open ecosystem.

Read our Life Insurance Top Trends 2021 report to explore the strategies insurers are adopting to manage the changing market dynamics.

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