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Drive actionable insights that predict the future and support frictionless decision-making

Outcomes Finance Intelligence

Transform your data into actionable, frictionless business insights

Capgemini’s Finance Intelligence solution is an integral element of our Frictionless Finance offer, and a key component of our Digital Global Enterprise (D-GEM) platform. Our solution leverages a self-service analytics platform with carefully selected best-in-class metrics that transforms your data into actionable, business insights based on historical trends and predictive models to support frictionless decision-making in real time across your organization.

Finance Intelligence breaks down the silos within your finance operations across data, functions, and ownership, driving next-generation, enterprise-level outcomes, including:

  • Reduced operational risk
  • Enhanced agility
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved margin
  • Fast cash
  • Improved sustainability

Our solution underpins and supports our core finance solutions, leveraging an AI-augmented workforce, AI-driven operating models, and a partnership philosophy to drive frictionless processing. This enables your organization to transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.


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