Covid-19 vaccines are coming. Are we ready?

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240 COVID vaccines are currently being developed globally, according to the regular census carried out by the World Health Organization.

On November 9, companies BioNTech and Pfizer announced the eagerly awaited preliminary results of their phase 3 clinical trial for a COVID vaccine project. While it is unusual for this type of result to be published before the trial is finalized, the rolling review procedures actioned by regulatory bodies to speed up the assessment of new drugs has enabled this transparency.

At Capgemini Invent, we have carried out work to develop an understanding of the implications of these results, which we acknowledge are still only interim. Our objective is to inform next steps in terms of how to embed the results in all the research currently in progress, to identify the challenges for the production and distribution of vaccines, and to set the priorities needed to build a sustainable and trust worthy vaccination strategy.

COVID-19 Vaccine

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