Can we innovate our way out of recession?

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What is innovation – the next ‘big thing’ or steady evolution? Should you ramp up innovation during an economic downturn? Join us on our podcast as we discuss the changing face of innovation and why it might not be what you think it is.

That Eureka moment. A moment of inspiration. Of discovery.  But is this what innovation means today? Join Todd Rovak and Mark Payne in our Future Sight podcast hosted by Ollie Judge as they argue that the low hanging innovation fruit has largely been picked.

And while the response to the coronavirus pandemic might have prompted shifts in business models, Todd and Mark point out that these ‘survival tactics’ are just that — survival tactics. In fact, many organizations were already looking to innovate for the future within a recessionary climate.

As organizations square up to difficult times, our podcast points to different approaches to deploying resources. Some companies are simply treading water, others are playing in defense mode, and others are looking to innovate and play in the offense position.

Who will be the winners? You might be surprised to find that the innovators in your sector aren’t always start-ups, but established players in other sectors edging in and disrupting the status quo.

Tune in to our podcast to hear why the value of Innovation Now doesn’t necessarily lie in a great idea, but in ensuring great ideas reflect the goals of your organization.

About the speakers

Todd Rovak

Todd Rovak

Todd Rovak leads the Innovation & Strategy teams at Capgemini Invent, having joined the Group as CEO of innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212 in 2016. Highly entrepreneurial and outcome-driven, Todd led Fahrenheit 212 to become a top-tier consulting firm uniquely positioned at the intersection of creativity and business strategy, delivering its Money + Magic value proposition to clients.


Mark Payne

Mark Payne

Mark Payne, co-founder of Fahrenheit 212, has spearheaded innovation projects that have created over $3 billion in revenue for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial emerging businesses, and private equity firms. He is the architect of the Money + Magic philosophy, is regularly quoted in leading publications, including Fortune, BusinessWeek, and Wired, and is a provocative speaker on all things innovation.


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