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Frictionless order-to-cash delivered via an AI-augmented workforce

Outcomes AI.Receiveables

Unlock value from your cash and collections through leveraging AI

Capgemini’s AI.Receivables solution is an integral element of our Frictionless Finance offer, and a key component of our Digital Global Enterprise (D-GEM) platform. It integrates with your corporate systems, infusing AI into your cash and collections processes to deliver next-generation, frictionless order-to-cash (O2C). This transforms your finance function to drive frictionless, enterprise-level outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and top-line growth to your business:

  • Up to 40% increase in days sales outstanding
  • Up to 35% increase in efficiency
  • Up to 90% increase in automatching for cash apps
  • Up to 60% increase in frictionless, straight-through autonomous processing.

Our solution is underpinned by a digital framework of enablers and leverages an AI-augmented workforce, AI-driven operating models, and a partnership philosophy to drive frictionless processing.

This helps you streamline operations and reduce the number of exceptions through predictions and analytics to improve your billing, collection, and account strategies. It can also predict which of your customers are likely to default, and recommends proactive measures to prevent it happening.

In turn, this enables you to transition towards – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.


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