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Frictionless record-to-analyze delivered via an AI-augmented workforce

Outcome AI.Controllership

Unlock value from your R2A function through leveraging AI

Capgemini’s AI.Controllership solution is an integral element of our Frictionless Finance offer and a key component of our Digital Global Enterprise (D-GEM) platform. It integrates with your corporate systems, infusing AI into your accounting, reconciliation, close, reporting, and compliance processes to enable continuous accounting and close, as well as enabling you to focus on insights, analytics, and advisory and partnership to business.

This transforms your finance function to drive frictionless, enterprise-level outcomes, enhanced efficiency, increased effectiveness, and improved compliance:

  • Up to 80% increase in automatic posting of journal entries
  • Up to 50% increase in auto-certifications and reconciliation effort reduction
  • Up to 90% reduction in intercompany reconciliation effort
  • 1–2 days close, aiming to achieve continuous close in near future
  • Up to 60% reduction in time spent on closing and reporting
  • Significant increase in automated reporting
  • Real-time access to reports, insights, and analytics
  • 100% compliance

Our solution is underpinned by a digital framework of enablers and leverages best-of-breed platforms, an AI workforce, and data orchestrators. It introduces the AI-driven business operating model and a partnership philosophy to drive frictionless processing, reporting, and insights.

This ensures continuous accounting, faster close of your books, improved financial controls at reduced cost, real-time access to data, and actionable insights for faster well-informed decision-making, without compromising your compliance. All of which enable you to enhance the strength of your brand and market reputation, and get better value out of your R2A operations.

In turn, this enables you to transition towards – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.


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