Replay of Webinar: Unleash Your Improvement Ideas with Process Mining

This webinar, recorded on May 26, 2020 outlines how process mining can lead to profits and savings measured in millions. For those looking to take the first steps in process mining, in identifying new ways to improve processes and in rationalizing improvement opportunities with data and insights, this is a valuable session.

Presenter: Miikka Roth from Capgemini Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence


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Miikka Roth

Miikka Roth is a principal business analyst specialized in process mining at Capgemini’s Nordic Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence. He is helping Capgemini’s customers in Finland in finding new ways to leverage their data to continuously improve and optimize process performance. Miikka has 20 years of experience in consulting and services around digital customer experience, process quality metrics, service desk and software development for customers operating mostly in finance, insurance, healthcare and telecom sectors. He has practical hands-on approach for driving change by making the best out of data, people and technology.