Intelligent Industry podcast

Tune into our first episode in which we’ll define Intelligent Industry and take a close look at how has it already made its way into our homes through connectivity and smart devices.

The future of industry is intelligent. Intelligent Industry, powered by data, is the evolution of Industry 4.0. The rapid development of key technologies, including 5G, , artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT), means that every type of company can start to do business in a new way. We’re not talking about a standard upgrade in tech – we’re talking about new applications and opportunities that are affecting our lives as we speak.

Tune into this episode of the Intelligent Industry podcast series to listen to guest speakers Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Mike Bates, Global General Manager of Intel’s energy vertical, and Frank Wammes, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer Europe at Capgemini, discuss the application of IoT on a much larger scale in energy and manufacturing.

Join us again in two weeks for episode 2, in which we’ll discuss the near-future world of intelligent automobiles and the many challenges the industry faces in bringing itself to market. We’ll look at interconnected cities and how empowering transport with new data outlooks can fundamentally change the way we think about logistics within cities becoming more sustainable and effective.