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Dare to Learn: How we got started at Capgemini

14 Dec 2018

On a crisp October morning in Keilaranta, a group of ten young(ish) talents are eyeing each other, looking for potentially familiar faces.

Some of us have recently returned to Finland after spending some time abroad, and one has just moved to Helsinki Metropolitan area from such an exotic place as Turku. We all have one thing in common: future at Capgemini.

Excited, even a little tense atmosphere starts to lighten quickly once we sit down to enjoy breakfast together. Soon we learn that Roope is very much into coding, Sofia is obsessed with foxes in all forms, and Anna is planning to work alongside her MA studies. Overall, we are a very versatile group with different kinds of skills and backgrounds.

It is said we have intense four days ahead. Still yet, none of us can imagine how accurate this promise is.

Training through practical examples

Collaboration with the Client, or CwC as we know it, is a training and introduction course created by Capgemini University. The course is targeted to new employees of the group, teaching the basic skills and knowledge needed as a consultant at Capgemini. Our dedicated instructor is Mr. Derek West, who has been working together with Capgemini since 1999. This time the candidates in front of him are the ones who made their way through the latest YPA recruitment process. As you may expect in 2018, Derek brings in his favorite presentation tool, the flipchart, and introduces us to the agenda of the week. First thing to note: zero PowerPoint slides will be shown during this course. Instead, Derek encourages everyone to make a conversation and to think out loud about each topic. Every day, the comprehensive theory parts are followed by case-studies and presentations carried out in small teams.

“One of the best things on this course was the lack of PowerPoint slides, more interactive method worked much better. Also, Derek sensed the energy levels or tiredness of the group very well, and reacted as needed”, says Markus, a new SAP team member who is just finishing his studies at Turku School of Economics.

Joy of giving and receiving gifts

“It was great to receive feedback about my personal input and way of presenting. It enabled me to learn a lot in short time”, ponders Sofia, who just moved back from Netherlands where she completed a master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology. At Capgemini, Sofia is working as a Service Designer.

During the intense four days of training, we learned volumes about giving and receiving gifts in a form of constructive feedback, multiple purposes of fishbones and created a deep insight on problematic supply chains of Harriges department stores. We gained professional self-confidence and presenting skills while practicing team roles and the way of working at Capgemini. Also, we were quite impressed about the acting skills of our senior colleagues! They all played the role of a quite demanding client more than credibly!

At the end of the week, there were ten new CwC graduates smiling and looking at each other’s familiar faces.

Even though we all come from different backgrounds and will work in different positions, responsibility and opportunities to grow will be given to every one of us. It is needles to say that we will keep encouraging and supporting each other when facing new professional challenges. The same goes with the entire Capgemini community.

Towards success we go!

Co-authors: Markus Muntila and Mylan Phuong