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Chatting Cultural Diversity with Culture Coach Veera Rautio

9 Nov 2021

Diversity is built into the Capgemini culture. In this series of conversations, we talk with culture coach Veera Rautio to uncover key cultural considerations about working in and leading a culturally diverse team.

Overview of the series

As a profoundly multicultural organization, we feel responsible for sharing our thoughts and best practices about fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. This series of discussions is for employees, team leads and managers who want to adopt a more mindful attitude towards diversity and learn ways to make the most of the organization’s collection of different cultural backgrounds.

Part 1: About culture
Part 2: When cultures collide
Part 3: How to lead culturally diverse teams

Part 1: Culture

In this episode, we talk about culture and what it means to companies. Different cultures and personalities come together in the workplace, and it’s important to understand the role of this diversity in terms of daily practices, habits, teamwork and management style.

This discussion revolves around topics such as:

  • What is culture, essentially, and how does it impact work?
  • How do cultural differences show in f.i. hierarchy, concept of time and proactivity?
  • Why fostering inclusion is important?

Tune into the discussion below.

Part 2: When cultures collide

You understand why it’s important to understand cultural differences. Now let’s look at ways to turn diversity into a strength and handle and, ideally, avert collisions altogether. We’ll also discuss the implications of a virtual work environment.

In this episode, we’ll share tips on:

  • How to achieve the benefits of diversity?
  • How to begin the journey towards a more inclusive culture?
  • How to avoid cultural collisions and learn from them?

Tune into the discussion below.

Part 3: How to lead culturally diverse teams?

The final episode takes a leadership focus on the theme of cultural diversity. Leaders are in a key position to either prevent from or enable an organization to celebrate diversity and inclusion. So, what to consider when you’re leading a diverse team?

We’ll answer questions like:

  • What should every leader know about cultural differences and team dynamics?
  • What is cultural intelligence and why do leaders need it?
  • How to lead multicultural teams in a virtual environment?

Tune into the discussion below.

*coming soon*

Diversity and inclusion at Capgemini Finland

At 280 000 employees globally, Capgemini is no stranger to cultural differences. One of our core strengths is that also local teams manifest diversity. For instance, at Capgemini Finland, 13 nationalities and different worldviews create a better future, together.

The cultural awareness trainings run by Veera Rautio are just one example of the actions we take to advance diversity and inclusion at Capgemini Finland. Read more about the topic or bring your unique flavour to the team.

Veera Rautio

Veera Rautio is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist and professional coach. She has built 10 businesses, co-authored 2 books and created 80+ online courses. As a coach, Veera helps change-making organizations find strength in their cultural diversity and turn it into teamwork that makes a difference. She also runs culture trainings at Capgemini Finland.