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Goutham Belliappa

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If you think if IT when you think Information Management, you are only looking at the tip of the ice berg. I empower organizations and end-users by optimizing their end-to-end Information life cycle and processes. I help them take significant cost out business operations and IT BI infrastructures.  Let me show you how Capgemini can help you turn that challenging journey into something fulfilling.

Goutham Belliappa

My experience

Principal @ Capgemini


Communications Sector: Business Information Management Practice Lead @ Capgemini

01/01/2010 to 12/31/2011

Manager @ Capgemini U.S. LLC

01/03/2005 to 12/31/2007

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini

08/01/2001 to 12/31/2004

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Insights & Data

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