Sarah Jaballah

Sarah is a senior consultant at Capgemini Invent focusing on Innovation and digital transformation. She worked on helping companies ramp-up digital projects, adopt digital technologies and implement innovation-oriented organizations.

She’s passionate about new technologies, their implementation into our every day lives and synergies between big companies and smaller innovative providers. She conducted research on corporate innovation as a Visiting Scientist at MIT. The research focuses on how large firms innovate in the Digital Era, specificities of the Chinese Innovation ecosystem and Machine Learning. She holds a master’s degree in International Economics from Paris I Sorbonne University, and a master’s degree in Organization, Strategy and Innovation.

Sarah Jaballah

My experience

Visiting Scientist @ Educational organization

Aug 2019 - Present

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini Invent

Jun 2016 - Present

Latest Publications

Why bigger doesn’t necessarily mean less agile when it comes to innovation

Sarah Jaballah

There’s a common assumption that the bigger your business the less able it is to restructure...