Laurence Jumeaux

Laurence Jumeaux leads Capgemini Invent’s Sustainable IT offer, a central part of Capgemini’s broader sustainability portfolio. In this capacity, she is also shaping the Sustainable IT strategy for Capgemini France.

With more than  20 years’ experience in IT Transformation, which in recent years focused on sustainability, Laurence supports her clients’ organization and technology transformations. In response to the urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of enterprise IT which is growing significantly with the expansion of digital, she works with clients to design their Sustainable IT strategy, make the right choices to minimize IT’s impact on the environment, build change management plans, and find quick wins that make an immediate and positive difference.

Just as astronomers get excited at the discovery of a new planet, Laurence views Sustainable IT as a new planet and is excited at its potential to benefit planet Earth.

Laurence loves the theater, cinema and concerts, all of which she has missed hugely during the global pandemic lockdowns.

Laurence Jumeaux

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VP Business Technology & Sustainable IT lead @ Capgemini Invent