Courtney Holm

Courtney Holm has worked in sustainability for 21 years with experience across all aspects of sustainable development and leads the drive to build sustainability solutions as a strategic capability for Capgemini Invent UK.

Courtney’s role is to shape the way Capgemini Invent UK creates long term, sustainable value for clients, enabling them with fresh perspectives and digital solutions so that they can play a transformative role in addressing planetary, people and systems challenges.

As a sustainable business evangelist, Courtney also empowers her colleagues within Capgemini Invent with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to deliver for their clients.

Courtney sees possibilities and opportunities everywhere, working relentlessly to ensure change happens and that ideas become tangible results to drive the sustainability agenda forward.


Speaker engagements


  • Unilever Digital Supply Chain Award: Cuppa Tea program was designed by the IT and R&D teams in partnership with Microsoft and Cranfield University, to maximize production from tea estates sustainably.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Resilience Award: iamtheCODE

Member of :

  • WEF 2030Vision: Panel member
  • NERC: Natural Environment Research Council Digital environment expert
  • United Way: Future advisory strategy team
  • iamtheCODE: Board member
  • First Love Foundation: Board member


A keen gardener, Courtney is a horticulturalist and was an award-winning Philadelphia Flower Show grower early in her career.

Courtney Holm