Business Process Management

Roger de Ruiter

Expert in Business Process Management

I provide thought leadership in BPM helping our clients develop a perspective on the application and use of process management tools and capitalizing returns on software and services investments

Roger de Ruiter

My experience

Head of Business Process Management – Capgemini, The Netherlands @ Capgemini Nederland BV


Managing Consultant @ Capgemini Nederland BV

01/01/2010 to 12/31/2011

Managing Consultant @ Capgemini Nederland BV

01/01/2007 to 12/31/2009

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini Nederland BV

05/01/2004 to 12/31/2006

Senior Account/ Product Manager @ Interpay/ Paysquare NederlandBV

06/01/2002 to 05/31/2004

Account/ Prodcut Manager @ Interpay Nederland BV

08/01/2000 to 06/30/2002

Sales Representative @ Interpay Nederland BV

05/01/1998 to 08/31/2000

Senior CreditCard Advisor @ Interpay Nederland BV

06/01/1996 to 05/31/1998