Findings of the Finnish RPA Market Study, and their implications on RPA market development

Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Time: 15:00-15:40 (Finnish time, EEST) / 14:00-14:40 (Central European time, CEST)

About the webinar

In this webinar we will discuss the findings of the RPA Market Study that was conducted by Capgemini Intelligent Automation Experts last winter. Based on the findings we will discuss how the Finnish RPA market has evolved during the past years, where it is focused right now and where is it headed.

Topically interesting areas will be covered, such as specific pain points and success factors in scaling RPA programs, how successful RPA operations are being run, and what the vendor landscape looks like. Moreover, we will weigh in the pros and cons of the RPA market in terms of licensed vs. open source, look at where RPA vendors are aiming their development efforts at, and how RPA is becoming more integrated with other intelligent automation technologies to enable broader automation capabilities.

Download and get familiar with the RPA market study here

Speaker and host introductions

Jaakko Lehtinen

Head of Capgemini Nordic Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence
Jaakko Lehtinen
Jaakko Lehtinen leads Capgemini’s Nordic Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence. He is one of the Finnish robotic process automation pioneers: for the past five years, Jaakko has worked full time in leading positions related to knowledge work automation and has closely observed how automation has been implemented with resulting benefits across European companies and industries. Before joining Capgemini, Jaakko has worked in service delivery, operations, outsourcing and IT services development positions. Jaakko is actively following all current developments related to automation and cognitive, and  is right in the middle of all the action experiencing first-hand how new technologies such as artificial intelligence or natural language processing is transforming knowledge, work and businesses.

Lauri Huhtamaa

Automation Consultant, Capgemini

Lauri Huhtamaa oversees the Finnish Intelligent Automation deliveries. During his two year at Capgemini, he has gained considerable insight from multiple IA and RPA programs in major Finnish companies. He has analyzed these programs with a special interest in their governance and strategy, trying to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches taken to support upcoming decisions and solutions.


Anna Valaja

IA Business Analyst 

Having delivered projects with roles ranging from RPA development to Intelligent Automation business analysis, Anna Valaja has closely been following the changing trends in RPA market during the past few years. Being one of the main contributors to the Capgemini Finnish RPA Market survey, Anna is ready to give insight on the analyses behind the study and give her recommendations based on it.


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Event details

June 9, 2020 3:00 pm
June 9, 2020 3:40 pm