Yutong Focuses on Customer Transformation as Key to Success

Capgemini helps bus manufacturer provide high-quality customer service in China

“ Capgemini worked closely with us, it understands our business and also brings deep expertise in automotive CRM to help us to achieve our strategy. ”Wang Shengjun, Chief Information Officer

The Situation

Yutong aspires, and has the potential, to be the number one player in the Chinese bus manufacturing market. It also seeks opportunities to expand its footprint worldwide. Management knows that in order to achieve its goals, the company must offer customers the best possible experience. But to accomplish that, Yutong also recognized that it would need some help and guidance.

The Solution

Yutong was impressed with Capgemini’s strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities and experience within the automotive industry.�

Capgemini was asked to come up with a planning strategy that would help the company better understand its current situation and to develop a roadmap to guide the whole CRM development path.

During Phase One of the plan, Yutong and Capgemini worked to define and implement major objectives, which were to set up a CRM platform, and to solve some of the most urgent sales and service issues. �Capgemini consultants helped Yutong set up an SAP CRM 5.0 platform for several modules, including Middleware, Business Partner, Service Processing and Customer Interaction Center.

Once the infrastructure process was underway, Capgemini worked to streamline Yutong’s business processes in sales opportunity management, customer analytics, customer reception and spare parts logistics. The team then helped Yutong implement these processes into the CRM platform.

The Result

With the new CRM processes and systems in place, Yutong now enjoys an integrated 360-degree customer view, a centrally-managed call center and a web-based service request and spare parts logistics system. Most importantly, sales and service processes are aligned so they can be responsive to customer needs.

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