Improved Settlements for Norway’s Tax Payers

Capgemini implements a customized collection solution for the Norwegian Tax Administration

“ Skattedirektoratet and Capgemini developed from the early start a true collaborative relationship, crucially important for the successful execution of the project. ”Randi Thomsen, Head of Department for IT Systems, Skatteetatens IT- og servicepartner

The Situation

Skattedirektoratet, also known as the Norwegian Tax Administration, is primarily responsible for collecting income and wealth tax, insurance contributions, value-added tax and inheritance tax in Norway, as well as maintaining and updating the Population Register. The Norwegian Tax Administration was using an outdated legacy mainframe solution to support the tax collection processes, which did not operate in compliance with today’s legislation and requirements. Seeking a new system to cover the tax collection and accounting, including case handling support functions, Skattedirektoratet asked for Capgemini’s help.

The Solution

Capgemini designed and built a customized solution with functionalities including: national tax accounting, tax collection, case handling support and integration with other internal system solutions and external partners like banks, other government agencies and more. The project was named SKARP, and the system solution, called SOFIE, was implemented between August 2003 and May 2009. SOFIE is used in all counties and municipalities in Norway.

The Result

SOFIE collects €60 billion (500 billion Norwegian kroner) in taxes each year. The system is used by 3500 people in over 400 tax offices. Four and a half million individuals and business taxpayer details are processed in the SOFIE system. In connection with their annual tax settlement, all taxpayer information is processed by this system, thus providing an efficient solution for the output of tax refund payouts, or tax arrears invoices – thereby greatly improving the effectiveness of the Norwegian Tax Administration as the solution meets legislation requirements.


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