Enterprise Resource Management for a Building Company

Capgemini helped the client produce an effective Shared Services solution that provided an integrated Post-Merger and Acquisiton PeopleSoft process.

The Situation

One of the largest residential builders in the United States wanted to grow rapidly through acquisitions. As a result, their managers were often faced with the requirement of assimilating new companies into their financial management, human capital and payroll structures.

Many of their larger acquired companies continued to manage their own HR/Payroll systems, even while financial reporting was consolidated. This decentralized approach resulted in a range of issues, from redundancy of functions to inconsistent levels of service throughout the organization.

The Solution

Capgemini provided resources who had a deep understanding of the business functions addressed by the Human Capital Management (HCM) Applications, both as they were performed currently and under the best-practice models that PeopleSoft embraces. After careful analysis of each of the processes, our technical personnel, who are experienced Business Process Re-engineering consultants, provided a mixed solution that was designed and implemented for a Shared Services environment.

The Result

The solution provided an integrated Post-Merger and Acquisition PeopleSoft process that was designed to minimize business interruption and maximize future integration efforts quickly and efficiently.

The solution capitalized on PeopleSoft’s Pure Internet Architecture to minimize hand-offs and eliminate multiple data entry and drastically reduce cycle processing time. Once implemented, through continuous improvement, the solution has exceeded the originally projected ROI, while significantly improving the quality of service to personnel throughout the United States.