Enhancing Care for Stroke Patients

Capgemini Consulting helps Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cardiac and Stroke Network to deliver improved medical outcomes

“ The team from Capgemini brought additional skills and expertise to this project and not only were they integral to its success but have also left a legacy in terms of knowledge and skills transfer. ”Janet Ratcliffe, Director of Stroke Network

The Situation

You don’t have to be over 65 to have a stroke; it’s the third largest killer in the UK and can affect people at any age. Moreover, stroke care has a significant impact on public expenditure: the NHS estimated its national cost at 2.8 billion per year. In line with National Stroke Strategy requirements the Greater Manchester & Cheshire Cardiac and Stroke Network (the ‘Network’) set out to improve care for the three million citizens of Greater Manchester and its immediate surrounding area. At the end of 2007 stroke patients received variable levels of care depending on where they lived. The Network believes that “every citizen of Greater Manchester shall have equal access to a fully integrated, evidence based hyper-acute and acute specialist stroke care pathway”.

The Solution

Capgemini initially became involved through its understanding of both the Network’s vision and the clinical perspective. Collaborating with the Network over 18 months, Capgemini built two important products for the development of the business case and service design: a data model that allows commissioners to run scenarios for different arrangements and assess their impact on patient and financial flows; and an operating model detailing the system design to deliver the new service. The first programme of its kind in the UK, it is significantly ahead of most other regions.

The Result

Thanks to the team’s work, three acute stroke centres have been commissioned to provide new hyper-acute 24-hour services, supplying early hours care and fast access to computerised tomography (CT) scanning and thrombolysis. Since the roll out of the project in December 2008, 69 patients have been thrombolysed which represents an impressive 245% increase over the previous year. The centres will also offer 24-hour acute stroke consultation and develop educational programmes, providing leadership across the region in implementing the essential elements of stroke care.

The acute element of this new service will be followed by high quality district stroke services supporting recovery, rehabilitation and care delivery in each local area. The whole service will be fully operational by April 2010.


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