Driving deeper value: Capgemini´s Digital Asset Life Cycle Management (DiALM) solution now integrate

IBM’s Maximo has long been recognized as an industry-leading enterprise asset management solution. Companies in asset-heavy industries from oil and gas to transportation management have been able to transform the way they manage multiple assets with Maximo – and have seen deep business value as a result.

And it’s with driving further business value in mind that Capgemini has partnered with IBM to integrate our Digital Asset Lifecycle Management (DiALM) solution with Maximo.

This offer is based on a pre-configured platform and IBM’s Maximo (part of IBM’s Smarter Infrastructure, and the worlds’ leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system), is designed for companies who develop or manage industrial assets in the utilities, oil & gas, chemicals, transportation and infrastructure sector. Capgemini and IBM have expanded their Alliance around Smarter Infrastructure specifically for DiALM.

The big win for those asset-heavy industries? Lower Asset Lifecycle Management costs, a sustainable repository of trusted digital assets from cradle to grave and the ability to link assets more easily and responsively to enabling technologies such as analytics, the Internet of Things and predictive maintenance.