COLT Consolidates all its Billing Systems in Europe into Single Integrated Package

Capgemini leveraged sector expertise and innovative methods to fast track selection and program management.

“Capgemini provided a strong contribution to the success of the program and has remained focused on delivering to COLT’s needs even though the goal posts have kept moving.”
Kirk Wilkenson, Programme Director, COLT Telecom

The Situation

COLT Telecom, a Pan European fixed line telecom operator with operations in 13 countries, was faced with its legacy billing system fast becoming obsolete. It needed to not only replace the system with one that could consolidate its billing processes, but also drive forward operational effectiveness.

COLT engaged Capgemini to support and manage a rapid selection process, help establish a Program Management Office (PMO) and Governance, as well as define the business case to clearly justify the investment.

The Solution

Using Capgemini’s knowledge of the Telco billing market, and in particular the key vendors, a long list of potential solution providers was prepared before being short-listed to 8. This was further reduced by a number of key criteria.

A rigorous process of focused interviews and Product Line Workshops ensured that the key business requirements were captured. These requirements were distilled along with input from Capgemini’s own Subject Matter Experts, and a set of criteria defined to be included in the proposal bid (RFP) stage.

Capgemini managed the scoring and weighting of the RFP to enable COLT to select the most appropriate solution provider within the 3 month time frame that had been allowed. Given the strategic significance of selecting a new billing system, it was important that the decision was COLT’s alone. As such, the physical scoring was undertaken by a wide selection of stakeholders across COLT’s own team. This approach ensured that the whole company was brought into the selection process early on.

Using Capgemini’s standard methodology, a Governance framework and PMO were set up in preparation for the main project execution phase. A detailed business case was prepared to support the program and demonstrate benefits that the new system would deliver. Capgemini was requested to deploy a number of consultants to back-fill gaps within the project team.

The Result

Management at COLT appreciated the collaborative style of working demonstrated by Capgemini. Vendor selection was achieved within desired time scales, and effective stakeholder management ensured good buy-in from the business for the selected vendor as well as the implementation approach.

A detailed, testable requirements catalog, including traceability from the initial vendor selection through to implementation was agreed upon. Detailed planning ensured that the project started on time and was on track (and within budget) at the end of Phase 1 when the work was transitioned to COLT’s Shared Service Center in India.

“Capgemini led the overall selection process with impartiality and independence, completing on time, while creating a benchmark process for COLT.”
Kirk Wilkenson, Programme Director, COLT Telecom