Capgemini Finland Management

Introducing our local leadership team members
Mikko Misukka
Capgemini Finland Managing Director
Petra Palm
Finance Director, Finland
Ari Rikkilä
Ari Rikkilä
Sales Director, Finland
Leena Kirjavainen
Head of HR, Finland
Tapio Manner
Head of Delivery, Finland
Marjut Kytösalmi
Head of People Practice, Application Services, Finland
Mika Tuohimetsä
Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services, Finland
Ulf Holmgren
Chief Operations Officer, Capgemini Invent, Sweden-Finland
Panu Rahikka
Head of Capgemini Engineering, Finland
Matti Waris
Head of Sogeti, Finland

Global Management team

Management Team

Group Executive Board (GEB) & Group Executive Committee (GEC)