Capgemini is proud to be the Global Innovation Partner for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series

“Rugby is a team sport in which you can’t accomplish anything without the rest of your teammates.” - Serge Kampf, Founder of Capgemini

Our multi-year partnership with World Rugby builds on 25 years of support for the sport of rugby. Reflecting our strong heritage and international presence, Rugby Sevens also shares many common attributes with our brand including agility, innovation, inclusivity, fun and team spirit.

In addition to our global support, we are bringing our expertise and passion for innovation and technology to the Series with a focus on enhancing the fan experience for current and future spectators. We have developed a series of digital products to help World Rugby redefine the fan experience that will be showcased throughout the upcoming HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, including:

Match Predictor game: An application that offers a new level of interaction with the competition. It allows fans to select their expected winners and margin of victory for every game as part of a simple league. Users can pitch their knowledge of the game against the Capgemini Bot to see if they can predict the outcomes and score more points than the bot, as well as compare teams head-to-head to see how they’ve performed. This app is now integrated to the World Rugby App and Website and open to the fans all over the world.

Digital Stats Hub: A dashboard that surfaces player and team insights. Commentators can receive a digital output in real time to quickly compare the history of each head-to-head match and display the most relevant data. Metrics and insights include analysis of individual teams and players, comparison of teams head-to-head, as well as numbers of tackles, tries, and more. This digital tool should be integrated this year to the World Rugby App and Website and therefore, be available to the media and the broader fan base.

Live Match Tracker: Enables users to track the key moments of each game in real time and see how the Capgemini Bot predicts the final outcome. It provides live updates of each match as it progresses, a particular challenge with a game as fast-paced and dynamic as Rugby Sevens. The Capgemini Bot generates a prediction of the results at the starting whistle that can then be compared to the actual match. This will soon be available for media and commentators to view on the Digital Stats Hub.

Jonathan Laugel on Rugby and Innovation

Bringing Insights to the Game

Potency in Attack

  • Time taken before first try scored
  • Strike rate (passes per try)
  • Visits to the opponents 22

Efficiency in Defence

  • Elapsed time before first try conceded
  • Opposition line breaks before each try conceded
  • Tackles made


  • Restart success rate
  • Errors made
  • Freekicks and penalties conceded