Your guide to speed & scale up enterprise-wide RPA initiatives in the cloud

A leadership guide to integrate automation into your business strategy

The Nordic Intelligent Automation team has just launched an e-book to help you up your game in the robotic process automation (RPA) sphere. The authors, Jaakko Lehtinen, Henri Wiik and Pekka Jalonen, have an extensive experience from several successful implementations of RPA in cloud and in this e-book they share their most important insights and learnings on the topic.

Application of RPA is already yielding benefits to many early adopters. But even the companies, which are running RPA pilots, are unable to scale them across their enterprises. This guide shows how to include automation as part of your business strategy, widen your perspective on automation initiatives and increase your understanding of the business benefits gained through automation.

Here is an overview of the content:

  • Current trends toward RPA empowered with IA: Treading cautiously
  • Five steps toward intelligent automation: how companies get lost in them
  • Typical RPA delivery models: which model is most suitable for your organization?
  • Tackling the typical issues with RPA: Tips & tools to help scale up
  • Why does cloud matter when planning your Intelligent Automation or RPA platform?
  • Is it safe to run RPA in cloud?

Refer to this e-book to build your expertise and confidence in your cloud vs. on-premise; or as-a-service vs. in-house considerations.

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