In today’s high-disruption scenario, the overall Automotive Market is estimated to grow upto 6.7B$ by 2030 and almost 30%  will potentially be driven by the new technology that is changing the sector. The future of automotive innovation will be driven by four major technologies: Automation, Connectivity, Electric Power, and the Shared Economy, grouped in the ACES paradigm. All the players have already started  investing billions in changing the automotive game. It is clear that the ACES innovations are not a standalone paradigm, the transformation process is not only focused on the product itself but also on the processes.

In the past, the innovations came from within the industry, focused especially on the manufacturing process. Today and especially in the coming years the trends will be particularly interesting because many of the disruptive changes will come from outside as the ACES paradigm.

The subjects involved in the automotive industry need to all together be focused on the transformation journey, not only the OEMs to reach higher added value and at the same time offer the customers the best experiences and products that is possible.

In this page you will find some inputs to rethink your way to the digital transformation.

Hope you will enjoy them!

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Domenico Cipollone

FCA & CNHI AMSI Account Executive

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