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James Robey

Expert in Sustainability

I have led the Capgemini Group sustainability agenda since setting first carbon reduction targets in 2008.  I am a long-term advocate of ambitious targets as a mechanism to drive innovation to ensure continual improvements. I manage our sustainability risks and drive our program to reduce environmental impacts in our most material areas. However the biggest difference we can make on this agenda, is the work we do with our clients. In 2018, we announced a new target to help our clients save 10 million carbon tonnes through leveraging technology. I regularly speak on this topic and engage directly with our clients.

James Robey

My experience

Global Head of Environmental Sustainability @ Capgemini


Head of Corporate Sustainability @ Capgemini


Programme Manager @ Capgemini

12/14/2006 to 01/24/2008

Account Manager @ Capgemini

12/15/1998 to 12/14/2006

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