Finlay McPherson

Expert in Energy, Utilities & Chemicals

Fin joined in 2018 from a major oil and gas service company where he worked for over 10 years, during which he worked for many different clients both globally and within Europe. Fin has extensive experience working in distributed asset intensive environments, working from the shop floor to the boardroom. During his time in North America he was responsible for developing the digital capabilities for both the operational and maintenance personnel, which involved building mobility and IoT capabilities into an asset fleet circa (2bn USD).

Working in the field of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Fin is principally focused on increasing asset utilisation and reducing capital expenditure on assets. One of the key deliverables he worked on was centralising the Maintenance and Repair organisation and optimising the facilities which involved professionalising the organisation from an operations-controlled entity through to a stand-alone business line. As part of this project he identified that the business systems were restricting optimisation and therefore he undertook a digital transformation that involved introducing mobile devices to the shop floor along with integrating the document management systems. The project was undertaken over multiple years with the goal of capturing asset creation in the purchasing system and pushing the asset into the Enterprise Asset Management System therefore enabling the entire cost of ownership to be captured in a single system.

Prior to working in EAM Fin was involved in a variety of large-scale capital projects including offshore vessel construction where he acted as a project and commissioning manager. On this project his main deliverable was two fully tested and operations-ready stimulation vessels which immediately started working on contracts in the North Sea. He was responsible for quality assurance on-site and at contractor facilities whilst also developing operational procedures and commissioning processes. These processes had to be agreed with multiple stakeholders including the regulatory authority.

Fin has a proven record of delivering solutions and deploying them successfully across large organisations, with global experience and a commitment to deliver innovative and effective tools.

Finlay McPherson

My experience

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini Invent

Aug 2018 – Present

TLM Systems and CI Manager @ Oil & Energy Company

Jan 2016 – Aug 2018

Project Manager and Commissioning Engineer @ Oil & Energy Company

Nov 2012 – Jul 2018

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