The Value of Big Data

Our videos discuss how big data technologies are changing the value equation.

All Channel Experience and Digital Transformation

Ingo Finck talks about the role big data and analytics play in the digital transformation of today’s business.

All Channel Experience and Digital Transformation

Data Dimensions Big Data: Application Across the Business

Jorgen Heizenberg talks about how the speed of acting on big data and the ability to integrate it into business process can make the difference in deriving value from this sea of information.

Data Dimensions Big Data: application across the business

Big data: The Value Beyond the Hype

Edwin Steenvoorden looks beyond the hype at how to drive real business value from big data. He explains that high function analytics have been available in the market for some time but as new technologies become mainstream and are able to deal with massive data volumes, organizations need to shift their focus to realize this value.

Big data: The value beyond the hype.

Big Data Doesn’t Mean Big Budget

Kiran Cavale looks at the cost of big data implementations and how they complement existing BI landscapes.

Big Data Doesn't Mean Big Budget

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