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Capgemini is pleased to present the 11th annual Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2016 which looks at trends that affect high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in Asia-Pacific. Read our press releases for key information on the 2016 Report and Spotlight. Download your copy from our interactive website at

Visit the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2016 interactive website

Explore the latest wealth management trends and insights in Asia-Pacific at, our interactive website for the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report. Here, you can use dynamic graphs to explore HNWI data and trends across three dimensions: market sizing of the HNWI population and wealth; HNWI asset and geographic allocations; and HNWI behavior across 11 countries.

Key findings

  • One year after recording the highest HNWI population, Asia-Pacific now leads the world as the region with the most HNWI wealth. Asian-Pacific HNWI wealth grew 9.9 percent in 2015 to US$17.4 trillion, growing 5.8 times the 1.7 percent Rest of the World (RoW) growth rate. HNWI population grew by 9.4 percent to exceed $5 million, growing 3.5 times the RoW growth rate of 2.7 percent.
  • Although the Asia-Pacific HNWI trust is growing in the wealth management industry, the majority of HNWI assets are not under management by wealth management firms.
  • Social impact investing also presents an opportunity for firms to retain and attract more HNWI assets, as well over a third (37.3 percent) of the portfolios of Asian-Pacific (excl. Japan) HNWIs are geared toward social improvement, compared to only 31.6 percent for those globally.
  • Digital capabilities are more important to Asia-Pacific HNWIs than anywhere else in the globe, but digital maturity currently lags. Increasing digital maturity is necessary to retain and attract HNW clients, as well as to prevent wealth manager attrition.


Dive deeper into the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2016 findings with our infographic.

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Source: Global HNW Insights Survey 2016.

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