2020 Future Value Chain: Building Strategies for the New Decade

What do you want to achieve by 2020? In the latest Future Value Chain report, a group of top executives from the consumer goods industry identify four main markers of future success. A focus on sustainability, supply chain optimization, consumer wellbeing and engagement with technology-enabled customers will become crucial to the consumer goods industry's development.

2020 Future Value Chain: Building Strategies for the New Decade

A Framework for the Future

Facilitated by The Consumer Goods Forum, with support from Capgemini, HP and Microsoft, “2020 Future Value Chain: Building Strategies for the New Decade” is the 3rd report published as part of the Future Value Chain initiative. The program offers a collective vision and industry response to the rapid changes impacting consumer goods and retail companies.

“2020 Future Value Chain” provides a framework to help the industry and companies:

  • Understand the trends that impact their business
  • Assess how their business will be impacted
  • Formulate plans that benefit both consumers and the industry

The report draws on insights from nearly 200 executives from leading retailers, manufacturers, academics, third-party providers and industry organizations worldwide to create a comprehensive vision of the industry’s future. This approach ensures the report is truly an initiative by the industry, for the industry.

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