Nathalie van Delft

Expert in Agile Testing, Quality Assurance

I am an energetic and ambitious test manager and –advisor, who still loves to do some actual testing too. I have participated in and lead various projects and have gained a solid experience with testing, coordinating and managing test activities within a diverse palette of development methods and types of organization. I have a special interest in test architecture- en policies, testing of data/information related developments, software testing & information ethics and information security.

Nathalie van Delft

My experience

Managing Consultant Testing @ Capgemini


Teamleader Testing, Information Security and BCM-coördinator @ Insurance

01/07/2013 to 12/22/2015

Community Leader 2013, 2014 @ Information Technology and Services

01/02/2013 to 11/19/2014

Testcoordinator Migration Mortgages @ Banking

05/25/2011 to 12/03/2012

ExpertGroup Leader Testing Technologies and Processes @ Capgemini

01/16/2008 to 12/04/2012

Managing Consultant Testing @ Capgemini

11/16/2004 to 12/12/2012

Testcoordinator Ticketing @ Transportation/Trucking

06/20/2007 to 05/02/2011

Latest Publications


You get what you pay for

Nathalie van Delft

I find it alarming that less money is available for HR in quality and testing while testing...


What a wonderful software testing world it would be…

Nathalie van Delft

The demand for software testers isn’t going away any time soon. What has changed is the...


The end of the testing world as we know it

Nathalie van Delft

Not long from now, development done by programmers will cease to exist.


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