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Sari IJsseldijk

Expert in Strategy and Transformation

As a consultant for Capgemini, my aim is to help organisations become digital leaders through a deeper understanding of their own operations, processes and performance, by translating business questions to data solutions and facilitating a data-ready environment where data can be leveraged to its full extent. I am profoundly aware of the transformative power of data and algorithms, and am eager to bring fact-based operational and strategic decision making and performance management to all organisations.

Sari IJsseldijk

My experience

Management Consultant Data Strategy & Data Science @ Capgemini Invent

Feb 2019 - Present

Project coordination @ Chemicals Company

Jun 2017 – Jan 2019

Consultant @ Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering

Jun 2017 – Jan 2019

Latest Publications

Capgemini Invent

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Sari IJsseldijk

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