Hugo Wasser

Expert in Change Management, SAP Innovations

I’ve been working as a Senior Project Manager on several large SAP implementations and releases. Team size ranged up to 35 persons. During these projects I also gained knowledge and experience with change management and setting up a SAP CCC.

It gives me great satisfaction to end a project that has a right fit with the business needs. I particularly enjoy it to form a team that enjoys working together as well as is also efficient. And I like to work on innovative solutions.

Additional to my Project Manager experience I have been responsible for a business unit with 17 enthusiast young graduates who were trained to become a SAP consultant. It was a great joy and privilege to work with them and help them in building their careers. I was P & L responsible and was a member of the Mt of the overall company (125 + persons at that time).

I’m customer driven, focused, and analytical, I like to work in a team as well as independent and I have the perseverance and drive to execute large, complex projects.

Hugo Wasser

My experience

Lead - European Delivery team SAP Innnovation @ Capgemini

Jan 2018 - Present

Engagement Manager @ Capgemini

Jan 2015 - Present

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