In a period of 10 months, I have successfully coordinated the launch of the European Data Portal referencing 240,000 datasets from 30+ countries, plus run economic forecasts of the value of Open Data for the European Economy for the period 2016-2020 which is estimated at 325Bn EURO and measured the maturity of Open Data publishing across 32 European countries.

With the team I managed, we delivered above and beyond our client’s expectations who never believed we would be able to deliver all these activities on time. Since, the methodology for the maturity measurement has been rolled out for yearly measurements to be conducted until 2021 and equally shared with the OECD.

I have equally been supporting the European Commission’s reflections on 21st Century Rulemaking in the Digital Age as well as Open Innovation. Most of our recommendations have been included in the European Commission’s official impact assessment and evaluation guidelines.