Phil Wilkins

Expert in Cloud, PaaS, SaaS, SOA

I’m a senior consultant – iPaaS Specialist & Oracle Ace.  I’ve co-authored Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud Service & API Platform Cloud Service

With nearly 30 years in the IT industry working on diverse range domains from real-time air traffic control and radar systems through to retail supply chains. I’m particularly interested and active in the space of PaaS, Integration, microservices, and APIs.

Phil Wilkins

My experience

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini


Enterprise Integration Architect & Framework Architecture Manager @ Retail

01/12/2009 to 10/11/2016

Product Architect & Development Manager @ Information Technology and Services

10/07/2003 to 01/19/2009

Consultant @ information Technology & Services

03/07/2000 to 01/13/2004

Lead engineer & Manager @ Information Technology and Services

01/23/1995 to 02/15/2000

Snr Developer @ Defence & Space

01/11/1994 to 02/14/1995

Developer @ Defence & Space

09/11/1989 to 01/17/1994

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