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Rohit Vijay

Expert in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

I am an expert at handling complex deliveries in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. I help customers in implementing BI solutions to help them get more out of their data.

Rohit Vijay

My experience

Senior Manager BI/DW @ Capgemini


Project Manager @ Consumer Goods

12/14/2010 to 10/18/2011

Project Manager (Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse) @ Information Technology and Services

06/12/2007 to 10/11/2011

Project Manager @ Telecommunications

07/24/2007 to 12/21/2010

Software Specialist @ Computer Software

09/11/2001 to 06/19/2007

Software Consultant @ Consumer Goods

06/22/2004 to 06/12/2007