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Qixuan Yang

Expert in Data analysis, Machine Learning, Research

As a Data Scientist in the AI Garage of Capgemini Invent, I work with technical as well as subject matter experts to develop data-driven solutions and products. I am particularly interested in machine learning, especially its applications in the natural language processing (NLP). Being in-fluent in both Python and R and close to academic discussions, I attempt to identify the best strategies for enterprises to turn internal and external data into valuable analytical assets and distill the signals from noises.

Since I joined Capgemini, I have been working in the banking and the pharmaceutical industry for standardizing the analytical pipeline.

My recent work includes:

– Designing and implementing a reporting tool for a leading German bank, which significantly reduces manual efforts and saves cost
– Functioning as NLP expert in a pharmaceutical company in Germany to build a plausible ML/NLP pipeline

I previously worked in the academic field and had important operating role in algorithmic design of data-driven social science projects, incl. text classification and topic modeling. I am particularly interested in the intersection between social science and statistics.

Previously, I have studied at University of Konstanz and Yale University, and joined research teams and led training and tutorials in both institutions. For instance, I created a tutorial for NLP at Yale University and led a training at its graduate school.

I am fluent in Chinese, English, and German. In his spare time, he is a passionate swimmer and blogger.

Qixuan Yang

My experience

Data Scientist @ Capgemini Invent

Oct 2019 - Present

Research Assistant @ University

Nov 2016 - Aug 2019

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