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Nicolas Claudon

Expert in Big Data & Analytics

I advise Capgemini customers on their Big Data & Analytics roadmap and how to bring values with use cases. Choosing the right technologies and processes according to IS is crucial to find the golden nugget in your massive amount of data.
When building our customers use cases I act as the tech leader in our Capgemini delivery team. During my 9 years at Capgemini and 4 years as a Big Data Architect I have help delivered a variety of customers such as Defense, Automotive, Retail, Luxury.

Nicolas Claudon

My experience

Big Data & Analytics Streaming architect @ Capgemini


Information Technology Transformation Consultant @ Sogeti

10/06/2010 to 03/20/2012

Project manager and PMO @ Sogeti

11/10/2009 to 08/17/2010

PMO @ Sogeti

10/14/2008 to 10/06/2009

IT support @ Higher Education

01/04/2005 to 07/18/2006