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Denis Sproten

Expert in Analytics, SAP

I enable customers to explore simplified, faster, and more agile Business Intelligence solutions which will reduce TCO, and increase business agility to manage today’s fast changing business requirements.

Denis Sproten

My experience

Technical Strategy Consultant, Senior Solution Architect @ Capgemini


HANA Lead Engineer & Explorer Nexus @ Computer Software

03/17/2010 to 01/15/2013

Senior Escalation Engineer / Nexus @ Computer Software

04/13/2010 to 04/24/2012

Senior PG Engineer @ Computer Software

06/17/2008 to 05/11/2010

Customer Intelligence and Escalation Engineer @ Computer Software

10/11/2005 to 06/10/2008

Developer Support Resource @ Computer Software

07/12/2000 to 10/11/2005

Technical Support Engineer @ Computer Software

06/09/1998 to 07/11/2000

Latest Publications

Consumer Analytics

Bullwhip effect applied to a data supply chain

Denis Sproten

Take a look at how the bullwhip effect translates into the data supply chain built for your...


With a little help from my friends

Denis Sproten

The US and UK healthcare systems need help, lots of help.

Digital Manufacturing

AI is Rewriting John Keynes Equation of Employment

Denis Sproten

Inevitably AI and computing will outsmart people and what work will there be left for people...