Insights & Data

Christoph Euler

Expert in Data Analytics, Data Science

As a data scientist I translate business questions into algorithms, implement and train the algorithms and translate the results back into the client’s business model. 

Manufacturing, automotive and high tech

  • Prediction of future industrial system performance in manufacturing
  • Multi-national roll-out of a complex business intelligence and reporting suite
  • Data quality assessment and data-driven product design in automotive insurance
  • Automotive customer profiling and demand prediction
  • Prediction of the sales contribution margin of a premium OEM in the automotive sector
  • Prediction of the Customer Lifetime Value in the automotive sector and use case assessment for application areas
  • Research on prototypical materials for innovative sensors
  • Project management and administration of sub-projects and inter-university cooperation

 Consumer Products / Retail

  • Customer Lifetime Value modeling in the consumer products sector
  • Data-driven enrichment of product data using computer vision, natural language processing and conventional machine learning
  • Scenario modeling and visualization during a reorganization
  • Prediction of product attributes in fashion


  • Conducted data science training for multiple clients
  • Sentiment modeling in the context of M&A in the energy sector using Natural Language Processing
  • Development of an operational Trade Surveillance Dashboard to detect market abuse and segment focus areas for further use case assessment
Christoph Euler

My experience

Manager Data Science @ Capgemini

Feb 2016 - Present

Process Data Analyst @ Process Analytics Factory

Feb 2015 - Dec 2015