Andrew Bates

Andrew Bates
Expert in Infrastructure Transformation
Member of : Cloud Choice

I help companies identify and implement technology platform transformation as an enabler to business change. My focus is on helping businesses use technology to grow the topline, not just become more efficient.

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My experience

  • Head of Business Development, ITS UK
    @ Capgemini
    In January 2011
    Growing our Infrastructure projects and Consulting Business
  • CTO, ITS Global
    @ Capgemini
    From March 2011 to December 2011
  • Head of Processes and Tools
    @ Capgemini
    From July 2008 to March 2011
    Transformation Capgemini’s Service Management tools and processes.
  • Account CTO
    @ Capgemini
    From July 2006 to June 2008
  • Chief Architect and Account CTO
    @ Capgemini
    From July 2003 to June 2008

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