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Michal Przybylowski

Expert in Digital Transformation, offer development, technology adoption, user experience management

With 12 years of professional experience in IT outsourcing I had several opportunities to work in different areas of the business including offer and business development, sales, project management, solutioning and operations. Currently focusing on supporting large Organizations in driving user experience by introducing modern and innovative change management solutions allowing to positively adopt new processes and technology. I manage a team of 30+ Cloud and Edge SME’s in the area of Digital Adoption, User Experience Management, Cognitive solutions, Data and Knowledge Science.




Michal Przybylowski

My experience

Capability Manager @ Capgemini

Feb 2018- present

User Experience Management Lead/Offer Development @ Capgemini


Project Manager / Product Manager @ Capgemini

02/04/2014 to 04/14/2015

Service Delivery Leader / Service Desk Coordinator @ Capgemini

02/06/2012 to 04/15/2014

Team Leader @ Capgemini

05/09/2011 to 01/09/2012

Customer Service Specialist @ Capgemini

11/03/2008 to 02/16/2010

Knowledge Manager @ Capgemini

03/08/2010 to 04/05/2011

Customer Service Analyst @ Capgemini

01/15/2008 to 10/20/2008

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Michal Przybylowski

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