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Milind Shah

Expert in Digital Transformation, Financial Services

I am an accomplished professional with 18+ years of experience in managing key customer and partner relationships along with working with clients through Strategic Business Challenges with a focus on the intersection of Design/Innovation/Strategy and leveraging Design principles such as Design Thinking and Design Sprints.

I am a Senior Leader in the Insurance sector at Capgemini Invent. My main responsibilities includes promoting Capgemini Invent’s Insurance brand prominence in the industry specially while also working with our clients on helping them navigate the challenges that they are facing in the Insurance industry.

Areas of focus:

  • Growth Strategy
  • M&A as well as Post Merger Integration
  • Product Innovation & Strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy, Digital Transformation, Operational Transformation.

I work across all areas of Insurance including Property & Casualty (Personal & Commercial), Life Insurance, as well as Health.

Recently Milind has been spending a lot of time with our clients in the areas of Policy & Claims Transformation in the P&C space especially, while also working on areas such as overall Product Innovation & Strategy (such as what to do in the Medicare space and/or with the aging population), InsureTech relationships, as well as in overall Customer Experience.

He’s got a strong reputation in the industry in being a problem solver and innovative thinker, loves to speak and write about topics on Innovation and Strategy, and loves to challenge clients to think outside the box and differently about how to solve their own problems leveraging Design disciplines such as Design Thinking for Strategy.

Milind Shah

My experience

Principal @ Capgemini

May 2019 - Present

Strategic Board Advisor @ Computer Software

Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

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