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Kishen Kumar

Expert in Cloud Computing, Commercial Banking Transformation, Risk Management

Business Transformation & Core Technology Replacement
Enterprise Risk Management, Digital transformation and Process Digitisation, Cloud Computing

Kishen Kumar

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini


Associate Vice President- Finacle Solution Consulting @ Information Technology and Services

Head- Banking & Finance (India, Middle East & APAC) @ Information Technology and Services

Head -Reatil Banking Technology @ Banking

Head Retail IT and Direct Banking Channels @ Banking

Head- Professional Services @ Information Technology and Services

Asst. Vice President -IT and Operations @ Investment Banking

Communications officer @ Financial Services

Latest Publications

API adoption

APIs enable bank/FinTech collaboration

Kishen Kumar

FinTech/bank collaboration is a win-win situation as each leverages the other’s strength.


Connected Banking: Let’s Get Personal

Kishen Kumar

Relatively stable for decades, the banking industry in now on the verge of sweeping change....