Financial Services

Jasper van den Bergen

Expert in DLT, Open Banking, Payments

As an architect and system integrator within financial services, I make sure customers get the best, seamless experience possible while also contributing to our global financial system. Our financial system only works because we trust it. Having an outage that prevents customers from accessing their funds can have major system-wide impact. It excites me to deliver sturdy, trustworthy IT solutions in a controlled manner, that enable our customers with the value they want to bring.

My role as a consultant is different per customer, but my personal, pragmatic, results oriented style allows me to make a difference every time. I’m at my best during my delivery at “5-before-12” moments. In my internal role as people manager I like to explore peoples key values and understand what drives them. From there I like to enable them to bring out the best in themselves and reflect from different viewpoints.

It rewards me to design lean and efficient solutions and see them come to live in production. And although designs look perfect on paper, in some cases root-causing high priority issues is required. For example: financial card transactions that are not matched with their reservations because of a time zone problem. It excites me to analyze incidents and find the problem to get a fix in place, while minimizing downtime.

Having worked in both tech Start-ups and large corporate institutions in different countries, I am able to work in different environments, team settings and cultures.

High level problems I’m equipped to solve: how to integrate different systems, product/gap analysis, system designs, exploring solution alternatives.

Technically, I am graduated as a video technician. Although I can hardly bring any of that knowledge to the table, it illustrates I’m an agile player that can adjust to different situations.

Jasper van den Bergen

My experience

Managing Consultant - Payments, Open Banking and DLT @ Capgemini

Feb 2012 - Present

Lead Product Owner @ Banking

Oct 2017 - Jul 2019

API integration product owner @ Banking

Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

Business Analyst - Client Impact @ Banking

Mar 2012 - Aug 2016

Project Manager @ Design

Jan 2010 - Jan 2012

Operations Manager @ Publishing

Jul 2010 - Jan 2012