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Fabien Lamaison

Expert in Fintech & Innovation

While it is great to bring vision into any endeavor, the most important quality is devotion. Combine the two, and you have the ingredients for repeated success.

I am a Senior Fintech Advisor at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange, based in San Francisco. My daily work is supported by my 20 years of experience in portfolio, program, and product management and expertise across multiple roles, with a focus on innovation.

I work with executives to validate new business models and transform organizations through innovation. Whenever possible, I aim to provide thought leadership as a mentor for the fintech residency and accelerator programs for large global banks. I am a “fintech for good” entrepreneur and a part of the US fintech community.

Some of my recent work includes:

  • Conceptualizing a product-based organization at scale and enabling a new way of investing for a US biopharmaceutical company
  • Redefining a digital portfolio and investment approach for a Swedish telecommunications company operator
  • Providing mentorship in a fintech accelerator program for a large bank.

Throughout my career, I have conceptualized, designed, and industrialized several Software-as-a-Service platforms, including leading cloud-based contact-center platforms. In a previous role within a large retail organization, I led two strategic and large-scale programs as part of a team driving strategic planning and lean portfolio management. Some of my previous roles include Head of Strategy and Innovation at Odigo and VP Products at Advantone (formerly Prosodie Interactive)

My career has taken me from France to the United States. In my spare time, I support local nonprofit organizations through my personal fintech project.

I love to hike in national parks, especially in the redwoods.

Fabien Lamaison

My experience

Head of Strategy & Innovation @ (Odigo) Capgemini

9/1/2016 to 4/30/2018

Head of Product Marketing & Strategy @ (Odigo) Capgemini

01/01/2014 to 08/31/2016

Program Portfolio Manager @ Retail Company

08/26/2013 to 02/10/2014

Program Management - Senior Consultant @ Retail Company

08/26/2013 to 02/04/2014

Vice President of Products @ Telecommunications

06/15/2010 to 06/11/2013