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Dick Groen

Expert in Banking

As an Engagement Manager and Head of Operations ,I am responsible for the Capgemini engagement focused on two grids in the Chief Technology Office (CTO) department of ABN AMRO. An engagement manager is in close contact with the stakeholders at ABN AMRO, having a direct line with the different practices at Capgemini and has a responsibility for the Capgemini consultants working at ABN AMRO.
Main responsibility: have a good connect with the customer, arrange the right resourcing to make teams successful and make sure the colleagues in the field are making their career wishes true as well.

This CTO domain is focussed on the IT4IT teams who are supporting the development teams in their day to day jobs. In this part of the organization I am responsible for the Capgemini part of the platform teams within CTO.

Next to that I am leading the Operations teams that is involved with all the activities to let colleagues start their assignment at ABN AMRO (like onboarding, pre employment screening, arranging laptops, entry cards etc.) but also topics like the the financial and resource administration in a very broad view.

Dick Groen

My experience

Engagement Manager and Head of Operations @ Capgemini

July 2006 - Present

Consultant @ IT Company

July 2001 - December 2006