Financial Services

Christophe Vergne

Expert in Cards and Payments

I transform and grow our clients’ payment business by connecting global subject matter experts. We agree on their preferred technology partners and then provide a solution that fits their needs.

Christophe Vergne

My experience

Cards and Payment solutions leader @ Capgemini


Leader of the Global Cards and Payments Centre of Excellence @ Capgemini


Strategy Analyst @ Banking

04/17/2001 to 04/19/2006

Head of international development @ Banking

05/17/2000 to 12/19/2001

Head of international Cash Management @ Banking

12/03/1996 to 06/14/2000

Latest Publications


How can the fragmented payments market be harmonized? Interoperability.

Christophe Vergne

Differences between local and regional KRIIs is the prime reason behind fragmented payments...

Open Banking

Open banking: the path to a robust, sustainable, and inclusive payments ecosystem

Christophe Vergne

Co-authors: Christophe Vergne, Cards and Payment Practice Leader, Capgemini and Jan Dirk van...