Digital Transformation and Innovation

Monique Wagenmaker

Expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Executive and consultancy experience in Business, IT and Operations.
Proven track record in digitization and change management.
Strong in combining regular management responsibilities, guiding teams to the next level of maturity and effectiveness and realizing large transformations.
Mastering project and program management skills as well as Lean, agile and dev/ops.
Result oriented and capable to oversee, analyze, structure and solve complex challenges.
Achieving tangible results with focus, a pragmatic approach and keeping stakeholders on board.
Drive, energy, curious, self-reflecting, keep learning, connecting and easy to work with.

Monique Wagenmaker

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini

Feb 2019 - Present

Managing Director @ Consultancy

Sep 2018 - Present

EVP @ Banking

Jan 2008 - May 2018

COO @ Investment Banking

Jul 2013 - Jul 2016